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PostSubject: New Groups    New Groups  Icon_minitimeSun Oct 20, 2013 4:31 pm

Although the plan to kick people out of group was cancelled as all of the current G1 members agreed to the new rules but still there was a need to reshuffle and make 2 x balanced groups because group 2 was suffering as their leader stopped playing, these new groups are just made to have 2 x balanced groups that are equally good and have good players capable of leading the groups easily so that all the burden of progression is not just on 1 group and both groups can progress and then help each other out with tactics of their kill.

These are the new groups they wont be called g1 and g2 to avoid any misunderstandings as they are just new groups and no 1 is kicked etc.

    Group A                                  Group B

Tank : Skymilk                         Tank : Quachzepro                
Tank : Wardruid                       Tank : Unsappable                           
Heal : Draganime/Jeanie      Heal : Druiss                           
Heal : Akryos                           Heal : Juopoo                           
DPS/Heal : Sickmotion          DPS/Heal : Shonu                 
DPS : Ziyra                               DPS : Broar                              
DPS : Abitwook                       DPS : Faravir                           
DPS : Delanov                         DPS : Larilath                          
DPS : Bmpro                            DPS : Bloodypapa                  
DPS : Brkoo                              DPS : Theinenz                        

Backup : sinkee, Jeanie, tromax, Chichihunter, Wenzz, Azax.

The backup players will be used to permanently replace any slacker / player not performing well or to fill in the place if some 1 has an emergency and cant come for that particular raid.

Group A can be lead by Sky , Dela , Sick , Abit or you can choose any 1 leader and you guys can set up your own raiding days / time except Wed and Friday as they are 25 man raiding days. I know some groups are missing important classes like Hunter in grp B which is important for Beth , Lord and Rag hc and a resto druid in grp A which is pretty important too but in 10 manz getting all buffs / classes with limited player pool is not achievable so we have to work with what we got. You can log you alt for a particular boss if that class is really important for that boss and help your group kill it without having any issues.

All the players of g1 were awesome and really determined about progression and its sad to reshuffle groups but thinking about the betterment of the guild we will have to shuffle like this.
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New Groups
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