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PostSubject: Holy Paladin   Holy Paladin Icon_minitimeThu Sep 06, 2018 10:34 am

General Information

- Your Name:

- Age: 

- Time Zone (GMT):

- PC Specs:
i7 8700k ok @ 5.2
16gb ram 3200 mhz
Evga gtx 1080ti
2tb ssd

- Do you have a microphone?: 

- Latency:

- What was your previous guild(s), your status in that guild(s), and why did you leave it/them?
Was in a guild named "Vanguard", just a regular raider, and left cuz i dint agree with the loot handle, felt like gathering trials to gear closest friends of the officers... it happened , wasn't fair , i left, can tell the story later on as it also involved the same method of loot distribution you mention in guild rules (which in my opinion should be used only on loot that players dont need rather than taking all the stuff )

Character Information

- In-game Character Name:

- Main Spec/Off Spec (if any):

- Number of Azerite Traits and Reputation level of Champions of Azeroth:

currently 19, 1 bar to 20

- Post a link to your character's Armory:

- Post a a link to Warcraftlogs:


- What is your past raiding experience?

Playing since Alpha 1.01 done everything raided everything was part and founder of the top guild in scarshield legion "aftermath" before i tranfered here to play with friends and after dispersion of the guild.

- How do you keep up-to-date about your class and spec?

Google ftw hum i mean forums for basics and the rest is just adaptation

Guild Rules

- Have you read and understood our Guild Rules? Do you agree to follow them?
Yeah just not sure if its up to date as its a post from 2014 BC

Additional Question

Last but not least. Tell us about yourself. Who are you behind your character? We want to make this a great guild with a good atmosphere so make sure to convince us and impress us that you are the right person for the guild. Sell yourself like you would in a job interview
If you have any extra talents that could benefit us. For example: Coding, graphics (anything really)

Not much happens here,i fight crime in my city and protect the innocents from the evil of this planet dressed as night auditor ( accountant ) , i like jokes , puns , memes , and im the person in the group that can turn any conversation into a steamy novel ... im sarcastic by default but my code allows me to trow some dark humor to pickle the things , so im giving you this opportunity to recruit me free of charge ... and will trow a dark humor one here just for the funs  " why did the lille girl fell from the swing ? ... cuz she had no arms " ahahaha hahaha aaaaaaww this one always gets me  might not be recruited but at least you know a new joke that you cant tell women (trust me they will go ape shit on you)
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Holy Paladin
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