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 Simestro - Arcane Mage

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PostSubject: Simestro - Arcane Mage   Simestro - Arcane Mage Icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2018 4:52 pm

General Information

- Your Name:


- Age: 

- Time Zone (GMT):
GMT +1

- PC Specs:
i5 4440
RX 570 Strix
8GB Ram
A few SSD's

Planning to upgrade soon

- Do you have a microphone?: 

Of course.

- Latency:


- What was your previous guild(s), your status in that guild(s), and why did you leave it/them?

- Firstly, Reflection of Perfection, an alliance heroic guild. I left them very recently because I didn't like the overall style of raiding in the guild and it's lack of focus to do anything.

- Eclipse, a mythic raiding guild on Tarren Mill. Stopped raiding mythic at 6/11M AtBT after GM and a few officers left, the guild became a graveyard for alts.

Character Information

- In-game Character Name:

Simestro - Mage
Proxíma - Hunter
Morvantosh - D

- Main Spec/Off Spec (if any):

Whatever is fun and strong, but I prefer Survival, Havoc and Frost/Arcane.

- Number of Azerite Traits and Reputation level of Champions of Azeroth:

Literally just hit 120 since I rerolled to horde again, so very low.

- Post a link to your character's Armory:


- Post a a link to Warcraftlogs:


- What is your past raiding experience?

6/11 Mythic in Eclipse and that's about it. I understand mechanics and proper way of thinking about handling them. Being a bit of an altoholic (which is also a downside) I have widespread class knowledge, so I know when other people can use their CD's or whatever else.

- How do you keep up-to-date about your class and spec?

Reddit/MMO champion for class tuning/balance updates, class discords for guides/sims/all related stuff. Mainly stick to discord

Guild Rules

- Have you read and understood our Guild Rules? Do you agree to follow them?

Loud and clear.

Additional Question

Last but not least. Tell us about yourself. Who are you behind your character? We want to make this a great guild with a good atmosphere so make sure to convince us and impress us that you are the right person for the guild. Sell yourself like you would in a job interview
If you have any extra talents that could benefit us. For example: Coding, graphics (anything really)

I love playing this game. I think it's the best MMO out there and it can still improve. I want to be a part of the mythic raiding scheme because that's the kind of players I look up to. It "annoys" me if someone does better than me, but it motivates me to strive to do even better the next time. I also do very poor 5 minute photoshop edits, so there's that.

Good luck on your application.

-Furor Staff-
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Simestro - Arcane Mage
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