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Welcome to Fürõr

Who are we?
Fürõr started life over 5 years ago (around 2009) when a group of friends came together to form a guild on WoWcrack with the aim of playing and having fun together. Then they got separated due to the death of WoWcrack but after few months they met again on a different server, Magic-Wow and formed the Guild "Fürõr" again with the same aim to play and progress together. But it soon started to grow as people saw the progression rate of the guild and with inclusion of some more dedicated and skilled players, it became one of the largest and best Horde Guilds on the server.

After reigning on Magic-Wow for about four years, Fürõr thought it was necessary to switch to a better server due to the lack of new content on Magic-Wow and hence we moved to Molten-Wow (Neltharion realm) which is the leading private World of Warcraft server. Here we evolved as "Furor Reborn". Fürõr achieved several milestones while playing on Molten-Wow including Horde first 25 man Ragnaros kill and became one the leading Horde side guild on the realm. However, again due to the lack of new content on the realm we decided to move on, and this time on retail. We are currently playing on Tarren Mill (EU).

Fürõr" is a Semi-Hardcore PVE guild with its eyes set on endgame achievements. Our team consists of experienced raiders that have raided with us for years. We are a group of passionate gamers that are always looking forward to the new challenges this game throws at us and with that, the opportunity to improve. It is a conscious will of our team to achieve end game achievements as soon as they are released and most often than not, we do achieve them.
We raid 2 nights per week. Our raid days are currently Friday & Saturday from 19-21:30 Server Time. We took a little break after clearing SoO HC and going into wod and now we are back with a bang to clear HFC Mythic and prepare for legion!
Fürõr vs Garrosh Mythic
Fürõr's first Garrosh Mythic kill. Here is it's video.

Enjoy the video!

Furor Recruitment
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