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 Official::Furor's Farwell to Magic WoW

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PostSubject: Official::Furor's Farwell to Magic WoW    Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:05 am

Some people have been asking why the application section has been closed for our Guild. Members and leaders have been discussing this for a very long time, and have finally reached conclusion.

Due to some generally non specific reasons with respect to server growth and available content, in no specific order, to prevent the death of the great community that we have gathered up in the 2+ years of time we have been active here, we have decided to switch servers to one that atleast offers some new content (Cataclysm).

We appreciate the fact that people are still interested in joining us, but we are no longer able to provide that feature.

We thank all of our old and new members for being a part of the great project that furor became in its duration on this server.
We hope for the best for Magic WoW, its community and everyone else here. Wishing everyone the best of luck, to all the members who are following us on our next adventure, and to all the members who are staying behind, we hope for you to find good guilds.

In case of tl;dr, short version, furor's changing servers. bye menz.

P.s. For old members, new ones and anyone else interested, you can always find us on our guild forums aka furor-guild.net



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PostSubject: Re: Official::Furor's Farwell to Magic WoW    Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:11 am

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Official::Furor's Farwell to Magic WoW
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