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 Barrelrøll - BM Hunter-Accepted

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PostSubject: Barrelrøll - BM Hunter-Accepted   Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:58 am

General Information

Your Name: 


Time Zone (GMT): 

PC Specs: 
i5 7500 @ 3.40GH
GTX 1060 3GB


What was your previous guild(s), your status in that guild(s), and why did you leave it/them?
I had been in two guilds this expansion, officer in one and core raider in another, both guilds were relatively young. Both ended up going through a cycle of dying -> merge -> reform -> dying. I left my most recent guild as a result of a core disband which was out of my control and then following players I had enjoyed playing with into a very disappointing new guild I did not enjoy playing in - one that I would not have applied for on my own.

Character Information

In-game Character Name: 

Main Spec/Off Spec (if any): 
Beast Mastery

Number of traits of all specs: 
BM-72, MM-52, SV-52

Post a link to your character's Armory:

Post a a link to Warcraftlogs:

What is your past raiding experience?
Classic: MC, ZG, BWL
TBC: Kara, Gruul, SSC, BT
WotLK: Naxx25, EoE25, Ulduar25, TOTC25, ICC25
Cata: None
MoP: None
WoD: 2/6 HM(M), 2/10 BRF(M)
Legion: 2/7 EN(M), 2/3 TOV(M), 8/10 NH(M), 6/9 TOS(M)

How do you keep up-to-date about your class and spec?
Icy Veins and Class Discord. Also through self-experimenting.

Guild Rules

Have you read and understood our Guild Rules? Do you agree to follow them?

Additional Question

Last but not least. Tell us about yourself. Who are you behind your character? We want to make this a great guild with a good atmosphere so make sure to convince us and impress us that you are the right person for the guild. Sell yourself like you would in a job interview
If you have any extra talents that could benefit us. For example: Coding, graphics (anything really)

Real life: 
28 y/o South African gamer, video gaming remains a hobby of mine for nearly two decades. I am formerly an import/export agent, now a retail store owner (leather ware and clothing). I was raised in a 80% English - 20% Afrikaans background, fluent in both languages. Despite some times looking too formal / serious in written text, I am in reality quite calm and easy-going.

I started playing WoW mid-Classic as a dumbass, developed my raiding skills in TBC, pushed it further by raidleading EU-Bladefist server first 25-man kills during WotLK. I missed out on most of Cata - MoP due to a blend of work and general lack of interest in the content. Since then I migrated to Tarren Mill pre-Method and slowly got back into the game and have been progressing at an averaging pacing. 

Despite what looks like a shockingly high latency to most European players, my latency is not a problem, 200ms in Europe usually indicates crazy lag, 200ms in South Africa is just a very small delay, in a gcd based game like WoW - or even games like Diablo 3 or Overwatch - it is not a problem. I have had no major disconnects or lag - no more than average European players at least.

Raiding / Guild:
As a raider, I always make sure that I am self-sufficient, both in consumables and in mechanical knowledge. I always make sure I learn about bosses through written or video guides before I fight one. I use Icy Veins as a rough guide for my spec. The BM hunter guide writer on IV mains MM, so info is often delayed and on a couple of occasions I ended up simming and theorycrafting on my own weeks before builds were updated on Icy Veins or class Discord.

In Closing:
I've grown very, very tired of guild disbands that are no faults of mine and having to deal with resulting consequences. I am looking for a guild with a respectable history to stay in and remarkable people to play with long term.

I understand that you are currently on break until Antorus and that is ok with me.
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Name: Strømbølina
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PostSubject: Re: Barrelrøll - BM Hunter-Accepted   Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:21 am

In my opinion everything looks great, I'll inform our GM to give your application a last pass but I doubt he will have any objections! Smile
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Name: Frejya
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PostSubject: Re: Barrelrøll - BM Hunter-Accepted   Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:17 pm

Accepted .You can whisper Wipebringer Cyclopes Luciaro or Schmashy in game for an invite ır contact with me on Bnet Frejya#2708
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PostSubject: Re: Barrelrøll - BM Hunter-Accepted   Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:55 pm

Thanks so much. Will do the next chance I get.
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PostSubject: Re: Barrelrøll - BM Hunter-Accepted   

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Barrelrøll - BM Hunter-Accepted
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