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 Golgazh - Havoc Demon Hunter - Accepted

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PostSubject: Golgazh - Havoc Demon Hunter - Accepted   Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:01 pm

General Information

- Your Name:
Lucas Krans

- Age: 

- Time Zone (GMT):

- PC Specs: 
CPU: Intel i7 6700k 4GHz
GPU: Geforce GTX 980ti gaming 6G
RAM: corsair vengeance 16gb 3000GHz
Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming Pro

- Latency:
Around 30/40 home and world. 1GB net

- What was your previous guild(s), your status in that guild(s), and why did you leave it/them?
My previous guild was Night Division which is theonly guild I have have ever raided with, was an officer through Draenor but demoted when I had to stop playing for a while for some personal reasons.
I'm leaving the guild because of the slow progress we were having, we always had trouble finding enough people to go mythic so when we had cleared hc, we had nothing to do really. It's been the same since SoO in MoP and I'm a bit tired of it and just want a bit better progress. Most of the people I was best friends with in that guild had also either stoppled playing because real life reasons like having a baby and some for the same reason as me.
Character Information

- In-game Character Name:

- Armory link:

- /played Time:
Total: 20 days
110: 17 days

- A screenshot of your user interface / bindings in a raiding environment.

- What is your Past Raiding experience?
I started playing wow for real around Firelands release in Cataclysm, since I wasn't max level yet I never cleared firelands when it was current later I cleared Dragon soul on normal.
In MoP I joined Night Division and PvP pretty much the whole expansion or didn't play at all, but I started PvE around SoO and cleared normal, 4/14 hc and during draenor prepatch I cleared it on mythic.
Draenor cleared every raid on before the next tier, did 4/12 mythic in hfc before prepatch but never continued.
Legion cleared hc EN 1/7M EN. 3/3 hc ToV (not with guild) atm only 4/10N Nighthold as of pugging reasons -.-

- Post a a link to Warcraftlogs.

Answer the following questions in detail

a. If you are a DPS, what abilities would you use to maximize your DPS? Prioritize them with proper reasoning.
At the moment with the talents I use, there's not much that connects my dps.
But ofc there are som priorities which I should use.
In an opener I prepot > use nemesis > Felblade > Metamorphosis > Chaos blade > Fury of the illidari > Death sweep with first blood talent > Annihilation

In single target mid fight with all cd's on cd, Felblade to build fury > Blade Dance (with First blood talent) big damage > Chaos Strike for damage and hope for crit to gain Fury > Auto attack RNG (if Demon Blades) hoping for Felblade reset to gain more fury. Basically my single target rotation. 

Cooldowns: Synchronise all my cd's Nemesis, Chaos blade, Metamorphosis since I gain haste meaning Demon Blades will hopefully crit more gaining me more fury to use my abilities more often while all my damage increases are active.

b. What talents are you currently using and explain why. 
These are single target talents

Felblade, nemesis is generally strongest in single target fights because of the 1 min 25% dmg increase.
Demonblades, I have the legendary making me being able to generate fury from auto attacks making this the strongest.
First Blood, Does large damage against first target hit as the others are more aoe attractive.
Soul Rending, Choice here doesn't really matter but I like the 30s leech, depends on fight if need defensive too.
Nemesis, 1 min cd 25% dmg increase since single target, momentum for more aoe, Fel eruption gives stun which isn't needed.
Master of the glaive, if ever out of range or nothing to use can cast this as a filler twice.
Chaos Blades, Best used with other cd's as nemesis and meta to synchronise and get maximum dmg output for single target.

Guild Rules

3. Have you read and understood our Guild Rules? Do you agree to follow them?

Additional Question

Last but not least. Tell us about yourself. Who are you behind your character? We want to make this a great guild with a good atmosphere so make sure to convince us and impress us that you are the right person for the guild. Sell yourself like you would in a job interview
If you have any extra talents that could benefit us. For example: Coding, graphics (anything really)

My name is Lucas, I am currently studying in the line of technology in high school and at the moment I am ahead in studies which means I have lots of spare time, and in a few months I wil graduate meaning even more freetime.

I see myself as a very chill guy who doesn't take things too seriously but when it needs to be taken seriously I will be, I am a bit shy in real life but on WoW I'm usually very talkative and like socialising with other people.
My father has been a gamer since before I was born, he used to play counter strike professionally, he brought me on the path of gaming at the age of 3 when I got my first computer and I've been gaming hardcore ever since playhing all kinds of games.

I think why I would fit in this guild is because of the two day raiding schedule but also being able to socialise with the peopel in the guild which is what I'm looking for. I have a hard time enjoying WoW unless I have someone to talk to while playing which everyone should really.

I might be a bit low geared at the moment (thanks Pneumonia), but I will catch up as quick as I can.

I think I answered all the questions now and I hope this does it for you to accept me Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Golgazh - Havoc Demon Hunter - Accepted   Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:17 am

Accepted. Kindly whisper any officer in-game for an invite and apologies for the late response on your application. Cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Golgazh - Havoc Demon Hunter - Accepted   Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:24 pm

Talked with him in-game. He have joined another guild. Closing this thread.

Cyclopes @ Tarren Mill (EU)
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PostSubject: Re: Golgazh - Havoc Demon Hunter - Accepted   

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Golgazh - Havoc Demon Hunter - Accepted
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