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 Raiding ranks explanation and general raiding rules

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PostSubject: Raiding ranks explanation and general raiding rules   Raiding ranks explanation and general raiding rules Icon_minitimeFri Jan 20, 2017 12:21 pm

Core Raider Rank
The idea behind the Core Raider rank is to have a group of best 20 people who are properly geared, up-to-date with artifact weapon traits and have very good raid attendance. This group will be the first priority of the raid leader to go for the mythic progress with. Having said this, anyone with the Core Raider rank shouldn't take this rank for guaranteed. You must actually work hard, perform good and respect guild rules to retain the rank.

Raider Rank
The Raider rank consists of players who are properly geared, up-to-date with artifact weapon traits and perform really well but can be semi-active.

Eligibility criteria for Core Raider rank and general raid rules
A player is eligible to be a core raider if he/she meets the following criteria and respects the following raid rules:

  1. Gear and DPS/HPS output is good enough for the current content so that he/she carries his/her own weight in the progress raids (we don't ask for too high gear, but it should be enough for the difficulty which is being progressed).

  2. Gear is properly gemmed and enchanted for progress runs (not using cheap gems and enchants).

  3. At least 80% raid attendance. We understand that everyone has a real life due to which sometimes they can't make it for the raid. If you are not able to come for a particular raid then notify the raid leader beforehand. However all Core Raiders are supposed to have at least 80% raid attendance.

  4. Be online and active before the raid time. Invites will begin at least 15 minutes before the raid time, so you should be there by then. If there is a genuine reason due to which you can't join sooner then notify the raid leader beforehand. First pull should begin exactly, if not sooner than raid time.

  5. Come fully prepared for raids by bringing sufficient consumables for the raid. These include flasks, food, pots and vantus rune (if raid leader asks for it for a particular boss). You should have enough consumables for the entire raid duration. Do not let the whole raid group wait for you.

  6. Do not ragequit. Once in the raid you must be there for its entire duration. Wipes are part of the progress. If you are found ragequitting for any reason it will instantly lead to a demote, at least.

  7. Do not get locked for raids outside the guild. Keep your lockouts for guild raids.

  8. Respect other guild members inside and outside the raid.

How to get Core Raider rank

  1. The above-mentioned requirements must be met.

  2. If any Core Raider fails to meet the above-mentioned requirements then it can result in a demotion of that Core Raider. A Raider will then be taking his spot.

  3. If a Raider ranked player is performing better than his Core Raider counterpart then that Raider can take up his spot as Core Raider.

  4. At the end of each week's raid the Core Raider rank will be checked and revised if necessary.

How the Raiders and Trials will be checked
The Core Raider rank is specifically made for Mythic progress and ideally for mythic raids Core Raiders+ will be taking up all 20 spots. However other Raiders and Trials can be checked for performance in the regular Heroic/Normal raids. Also we will be inspecting logs of Raiders and Trials regularly to keep track of the performance.

Some of these rules are also generally applicable to all guild members. These rules can be revised in future, but the gist of these rules will always be to the maintain discipline as well as to encourage competitive raiding environment in the guild.


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Raiding ranks explanation and general raiding rules
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