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 Result of Guild Meeting (2nd March 2014)

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Result of Guild Meeting (2nd March 2014) Empty
PostSubject: Result of Guild Meeting (2nd March 2014)   Result of Guild Meeting (2nd March 2014) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2014 4:47 pm

A Guild Meeting was held on 2nd March 2014. The key things that were decided are as follows:

Applications & Class Leaders
Class Leaders will be more strict on the applications now and will only accept people who know their class very well, as well as they have sufficient raid encounters knowledge. There shouldn't be any leniency shown in the applications. The new people that join the guild should know their class very well.

Each trial will be supposed to join two raids before he will be promoted. Also the trial period will be 2 weeks after which a trial who fails to join any raid will be kicked.

Raids Schedule
From now on there will be two FL 10 Trial raids hosted each week, and two 25 man DS graids (instead of 1) will be hosted as well. The raid schedule was decided keeping in view of the load of each officer, so that the load is distributed and no officer gets overburdened. The new raid schedule is posted here:

If there are no trials available for the Trial raids on the said days, its the choice of the leading officer to host the raid on that day or not. Members/Alts can also join the Trial raid to fill the spots.

Third Raiding Group of members
Some of the guild members wanted to start their own raiding group while being in the guild. So it was discussed that they are allowed to make their raiding group if they want to. They will be required to send the details of DKPs to any officer so he can award/deduct the DKPs for them. However this will only be done if they make a fixed group.

The details for this new raiding group is posted here:

Another good news might be shared soon!

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Result of Guild Meeting (2nd March 2014)
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