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 Changes in obtaining items from graids

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Changes in obtaining items from graids Empty
PostSubject: Changes in obtaining items from graids   Changes in obtaining items from graids Icon_minitimeMon Sep 09, 2013 6:01 pm

After meeting, which took place at 08.09.2013 we decided to:

1. Group leader will decide who will join his raid.
2. The Mains will have priority over Alts to join Guild Raids as well as to bid an item, which means that Alts will have to wait for bidding until the Raid Leader ends up the bidding for Mains.
3. Each Alt will have their own DKPs which will not be shared with their Main.
4. The Alts will bid only when no Main bids on that item (or in other words all Mains pass that item).
5. Token winners will get a cooldown which will prevent them from winning further tokens. The list will be maintained on the forums. All the cooldowns will reset at the 1st of every month after which they will be allowed to bid on another token for the next month.
6. Less active people will be allowed to bid equally as the more active people.
7. The priority of inviting people to raid will be: Hardcore Raider > Member > Raider Alt > Alt
8. Raider Alt rank will be given to those Alts which meet the minimum requirement for the FL raid.
9. Staff will decide which Alt deserves the Raider Alt rank.
10. For bidding , only Main spec is over Alt. Bidding for Alts and Off spec is equal.

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Changes in obtaining items from graids
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