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PostSubject: Rules&changes    Rules&changes  Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 2:25 pm

- Venom for officer
- Fullfill rules and execute it at raids (disc and bid)
- Alt Raiding rank+ app
- Gmeeting in regular every 2 weeks at sunday after restart
- No more grouping
- Every raid scheduled at least to info people interested in
- CLs fullfilling and demote for inactive
- Lockouts saving for guild

1. People at raid are obliged to listen raid leader and fullfill role (any obeying of this rule cost of cutting dkp equal for 1 boss at 25nm and leader can kick member from raid if it is necessary to progress. This kind of members can be also reported to Staff to further checking.

2. After new section will be done every alt which want to be raiding alt must full fill a short app and get checked by CD to participate in graids. This rule was introduced to prevent joining people who arent good with class.

3. Not saving raid CD for guild raids before Thursday means cutting 1/3 of dkp and 1 Warning (3 warnings means kick)

4. Every raid must be scheduled on gem (people with bug need to appear at proper hour before raid start and warn leader or someone from staff). Not listening to this means instant cut 20% of dkp and further consequences if this attitude will continue.

5. Every fight in gchat is "awarded" by -20 dkp (officer dont need from now to ask for reason or who start , minus dkp can be raised if people continue.
a) if situation getting hotter staff can cut 50% of dkp(if someone have 0 dkp, should be punished with -50dkp) and mute certain person for period of 24h+get 1 warning in gnote
b) if situation appear again person can be gkicked with getting blacklisted
c) you dont need to love guildies but at least tolerate them and act like adult we dont accept children in guild

6. Every problem which appear between members should be reported first to staff


ps. Ignorance of the law does not exempt from the filling of
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